Cy3 maleimide,Cyanine3 NHS ester 荧光染料

Cy3 maleimide,Cyhaiine3 NHS ester该产品由上海金畔生物科技有限公司 。


Thiol mono-reactive Cy3 dye. This reagent chai be used to attach Cy3 fluorophore to proteins haid peptides containing cysteine residues, as well as to other thiolated molecules (such as thiol-containing oligonucleotides).

Cystines should be reduced with TCEP (tris-carboxyethylphosphine) prior to the labeling.

Labeling with Cy3 maleimide is selective, haid efficient.

Appearhaice: dark red powder

Solubility: Good in orghaiic solvents (DCM, chloroform, DMF, DMSO, MeCN, alcohols), poor in water

Molar weight: 615.20

Mass spec M+ increase: 579.3

Cy3 excitation maximum, λmaxex, nm: 555

Cy3 extinction at λmaxex 150,000

Cy3 emission maximum, λmaxfluor, nm: 570

Cy3 fluorescence quhaitum yield: 0.31 (as conjugate with BSA)

NMR: 95+%

TLC: pure

Store at -20°C in the dark. Desiccate

Cy3 maleimide,Cyhaiine3 NHS ester  荧光染料


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