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Haematologic Technologies


Haematologic Technologies制造高质量,血浆来源的凝血蛋白,抗体,因子缺陷型血浆和血液收集管,用于体外研究使用。

Haematologic Technologies制造高质量,血浆来源的凝血蛋白,抗体,因子缺陷型血浆和血液收集管,用于体外研究使用。我们确保产品制造流程确保质量控制严格,努力成为凝血产品制造商。

Haematologic Technologies, Inc. (HTI) is a primary manufacturer that specializes in the isolation and characterization of high quality, humanplasmaproteins which are intended for in vitro research use. HTI’s emphasis is focused on proteins involved in theregulationof blood coagulation and fibrinolysis, as well as the regulation ofbonemetabolism. The HTI product line consists of over 150 highly purified and well-characterized proteins including zymogens, enzymes, cofactors, and inhibitors as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Additionally, HTI offers a broad line of services, which includes: custom protein purification, protein modification, assay development, contract manufacturing and contract research.


Factor VII Angiostatin
Factor IX Alpha-2-Plasmin Inhibitor
Factor X Factor V
Factor XI Factor Va
Factor XII Fibronectin
Factor XIII Protein S
Plasminogen von Willebrand Factor
Protein C Protein Z
Prothrombin Fibrinogen
Activated Protein C Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1
Thrombin (alpha) Platelet Factor 4
Thrombin (beta, gamma) Beta-Thromboglobulin
Factor VIIa Thrombospondin
Factor IXa Vitronectin
Factor Xa Recombinant Tissue Factor
Factor XIa Antithrombin III
Factor XIIIa Heparin Cofactor II
Plasmin TAFI