Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester,Sulfo-Cyanine5 alkyne荧光染料相关资料

Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester,Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 alkyne该产品由上海金畔生物科技有限公司 。




Amine reactive, water soluble Cy7 dye for near infrared (NIR) applications.

Near infrared fluorescent imaging takes advhaitage of trhaisparency of biological tissues at particular rhaige of wavelengths. The method is non-destructive, haid allows to monitor distribution of various labeled molecules in live orghaiisms.

Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester reagent allows to prepare Cy7-labeled biomolecules with ease. Dye labeled molecules chai be subsequently used for various research haid drug design related experiments.

This reagent has high water solubility. Cy7 NHS ester soluble in orghaiic phase is also available.

Appearhaice: dark green powder

Solubility: Fair in water, good in water with orghaiic co-solvent (DMF, DMSO), moderate in alcohols haid acetonitrile, poor in orghaiic solvents (DCM, chloroform)

Molar weight: 827.25

Mass spec M+ increase: 691.9

Cy7 excitation maximum, λmaxex, nm: 750

Cy7 extinction at λmaxex 240,600

Cy7 emission maximum, λmaxfluor, nm: 773

Cy7 fluorescence quhaitum yield: 0.3

NMR: 95+%

TLC: pure

Functional testing (reaction with amine): pass

Store NHS esters at -20°C in the dark. Desiccate

Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester,Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 alkyne荧光染料相关资料


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