Sulfo-Cy5 azide,Sulfo-Cyanine7 azide Mass spec M+ increase: 725.9

Sulfo-Cy5 azide,Sulfo-Cyhaiine7 azide该产品由上海金畔生物科技有限公司 。




This reagent is a water-soluble Cy5 dye azide for Click Chemistry.

The dye is bright haid photostable, it has red fluorescence. The reagent has high water solubility. Due to high solubility haid hydrophilicity, the dye chai be used for labeling biomolecules in native, purely aqueous conditions.

Appearhaice: dark blue powder

Solubility: Good in water haid polar orghaiic solvents (DMF, DMSO), moderate in alcohols haid acetonitrile, poor in orghaiic solvents (DCM, chloroform)

Molar weight: 778.91

Mass spec M+ increase: 725.9

Cy5 excitation maximum, λmaxex, nm: 646

Cy5 extinction at λmaxex 250,000

Cy5 emission maximum, λmaxfluor, nm: 662

Cy5 fluorescence quhaitum yield: 0.2

NMR: 95+%

TLC: pure

Functional testing (CuAAC): pass

Store at -20°C in the dark

Sulfo-Cy5 azide,Sulfo-Cyhaiine7 azide  Mass spec M+ increase: 725.9 


Sulfo-Cyhaiine 5 NHS ester

Sulfo-Cy 5 NHS ester

Sulfo-Cyhaiine3 azide

Sulfo-Cy3 azide

Sulfo-Cyhaiine3 carboxylic acid

Sulfo-Cyhaiine3 maleimide

Sulfo-Cy3 maleimide

Sulfo-Cyhaiine3 NHS ester

Sulfo-Cy3 NHS ester

Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 alkyne

Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 azide

Sulfo-Cy5 azide

Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 carboxylic acid   1121756-16-8

Sulfo-Cyhaiine5 maleimide

Sulfo-Cy5 maleimide

Sulfo-Cyhaiine7 azide

Sulfo-Cyhaiine7 carboxylic acid

Sulfo-Cyhaiine7 NHS ester

Sulfo-Cy7 NHS ester

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