Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dione

Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dione


Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex,上海金畔生物科技有限公司主要的代理产品品牌有:美国PE、美国戴安Dionex、德国DURANDURAN、美国哈希Hach、美国沃特世Waters、美国安捷伦Agilent、德国贺利氏Heraeus、美国奥立龙Orion等。

型号 062893

Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex

IonPac Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column  Specifications
Dimensions: 4 × 35 mm
Phase Compatibility: pH 0–14; 0–100% HPLC solvents
Substrate Characteristics: Bead Diameter and Pore Size:
17.5 μm (4 × 35 mm); macroporous resin (100 ?)
Crosslinking (%DVB): 55%
Ion Exchange Group: Functional Group: Grafted Cryptand (with bound metal cation)
Column Construction: PEEK with 10–32 threaded ferrule style end fittings.
All components are nonmetallic.
Functional Group Characteristics: Variable hydrophobicity (eluent dependent)
Capacity: 30 μeq (sodium form)

Cryptand C1
IonPac Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column (4 x 35 mm) 062893

Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex,x