RFIC-Eluent Regeneration离子色谱柱离子色谱耗材美国戴安Dionex

RFIC-Eluent Regeneration离子色谱柱离子色谱耗材美国戴安Dionex


RFIC-Eluent Regeneration离子色谱柱离子色谱耗材美国戴安Dionex,上海金畔生物科技有限公司主要的代理产品品牌有:美国PE、美国戴安Dionex、德国DURANDURAN、美国哈希Hach、美国沃特世Waters、美国安捷伦Agilent、德国贺利氏Heraeus、美国奥立龙Orion等。

型号 067798

RFIC-Eluent Regeneration离子色谱柱离子色谱耗材美国戴安Dionex

Eluent Regeneration System Specifications
Eluent Controller
Dimensions (h × w × d): 13.6 in × 4.1 in × 4 in
34.5 cm × 10.5 cm × 10 cm
Weight: 1.76 lb
0.8 kg
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi post pump
200 psi post suppressor
Back Pressure: Less than 335 psi at 1.0 mL/min
Maximum Flow Rate: 2.0 mL/min
Eluent Compatibility: Carbonate eluents up to 20 mM
MSA eluents up to 34 mM
Solvent Compatibility: Not compatible with organic solvents in phase
Temperature Range: 5 °C to 40 °C
Eluent Purification Column
Lifetime: 91 days using AS23 chemistry
Analyte Trap Columns
Capacity: 130,000 μL (e.g., 5200 × 25 μL injections)

Startup kits include the tubing, controllers, and software needed to upgrade an ICS-1000, -1500, -2000, or -3000 system to an RFIC-ER system, in addition to one complete set of consumables.

Eluent Regeneration Startup Kit, Anion, for ICS-1100 and ICS-1600 069570
Eluent Regeneration Startup Kit, Cation, for ICS-1100 and ICS-1600 069569
RFIC-ER Anion Startup Kit 067797
RFIC-ER Cation Startup Kit 067798
RFIC-ER Anion Consumables Kit 067791
RFIC-ER Cation Consumables Kit 067792

RFIC-Eluent Regeneration离子色谱柱离子色谱耗材美国戴安Dionex,