Dionex Acclaim HILIC-10 Columns 液相色谱柱

Dionex Acclaim HILIC-10 Columns 液相色谱柱



型号 美国戴安 P/N: 069707

Acclaim HILIC-10 Columns

The Thermo Scientific Acclaim HILIC-10 column is designed for separating highly hydrophilic molecules by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). This column is suited for use in a broad range of applications, including separation of hydrophilic drugs and drug metabolites.

  • Retains highly polar molecules that are not retained by reversed-phase chromatography
  • Unique selectivity, complementary to reversed-phase columns
  • Hydrolytically stable
  • Rugged column packing
  • Broad application range

The advantage of the Acclaim HILIC-10 phase is the compatibility with up to 20% aqueous phase, while maintaining affinity for polar analytes. Acclaim HILIC-10 columns are available in 3 μm particle size. A variety of column formats are available: 4.6 × 150 mm, for high-throughput routine analysis; 3.0 × 150 mm, for high-throughput analysis with reduced solvent consumption; and 2.1 × 150 mm, for LC-MS analysis.


Acclaim HILIC-10 Column Specifications
Column chemistry Proprietary polar group
Operating pressure limit 8500 psi
Operating pH range 2.0–8.0
Operating flow rate range (recommended) 0.5–3.0 (0.8–1.6) mL/min for 4.6 mm i.d. formats
0.3–1.5 (0.4–0.8) mL/min for 3.0 mm i.d. formats
0.15–0.80 (0.2–0.4) mL/min for 2.1 mm i.d. formats


Analytical Columns
Acclaim HILIC-10, 3?m, Analytical (4.6 x 150mm) 074257
Acclaim HILIC-10, 3?m, Analytical (3.0 x 150mm) 074258
Acclaim HILIC-10, 3?m, Analytical (2.1x150mm) 074259
Guard Columns
Acclaim HILIC-10, 5?m, Guard (4.6 x10mm) 2ea (Use Holder V-2) 074262
Acclaim HILIC-10, 5?m, Guard (3.0x10mm) 2ea (Use Holder V-2) 074261
Acclaim HILIC-10, 5?m, Guard (2.1 x10mm) 2ea (Use Holder V-2) 074263
Acclaim SST Guard Cartridge Holder V-2 069580
Acclaim Guard Kit (Holder and coupler) V-2 069707
Guard to Analytical Column Coupler V-2 074188