Dionex OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column 液相色谱柱

Dionex OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column 液相色谱柱



型号 美国戴安 P/N: 042191

OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column

Dionex OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column 液相色谱柱

The OmniPac? PCX-500 column is a macroporous, high-capacity, solvent-compatible column designed to separate cationic and neutral species in a single run. This column combines cation-exchange and polymeric reversed-phase retention mechanisms in a single column.

  • Good for the simultaneous separation of neutral and cationic species
  • Acid and base compatible, pH 0–14
  • 100% solvent compatible
  • Not as effective as the CS12A for inorganic cations

The multimode separation mechanism is achieved by coating a macroporous hydrophobic core for reversed-phase retention with a cation-exchange latex bead layer for cation-exchange retention. The macroporous structure provides an accessible hydrophobic core where reversed-phase retention occurs. The cation-exchange selectivity is provided by a cation-exchange MicroBead? layer that coats the hydrophobic core. Since the cation-exchange layer is identical to that of the OmniPac PCX-100, the two columns exhibit similar ion-exchange selectivity. As a result, the OmniPac PXC-100 can be used to develop the ion-exchange separation, and the method can then be transferred to the OmniPac PXC-500 for further refinement to include solvent for the reversed-phase separation. The OmniPac PCX-500 is 100% solvent compatible and should always be run with at least 1% organic solvent in the phase to maintain column life.

The OmniPac PCX-500 may be used for the separation of compounds such as adrenergics, alcohols, anilines, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory agents, plating bath brighteners, cephalosporins, stains and dyes, herbicides, nucleotides and nucleosides, peptides, sulfonamides, and water-soluble vitamins.


OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column  Specifications
Dimensions OmniPac PCX-500 Analytical Column:
4 × 250 mm
OmniPac PCX-500 Guard Column:
4 × 50 mm
Maximum operating pressure 4000 psi (27.9 MPa)
Recommended operating temperature Ambient
Typical operating conditions 1.0 mL/min with at least 1% organic solvent
Recommended flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
phase compatibility 100% compatible with common organic solvents. Recommended eluents: 1% solvent. Acid to maintain weak bases in the cationic form, salt (e.g., Na+ for cation exchange).
Resin composition 8.5-?m-diameter ethylvinylbenzene/divinylbenzene macroporous substrate (55% cross-linked) agglomerated with 200-nm MicroBead sulfonic acid-functionalized latex (5% cross-linked).
Anion-exchange capacity 120 ?eq/column (4 × 250 mm analytical column)
Column construction PEEK with 10-32 threaded ferrule-style end fittings. All components are nonmetallic.


Analytical Columns
OmniPac PCX-500 Analytical Column (4 x 250 mm) 042191
Guard Columns
OmniPac PCX-500 Guard Column (4 x 50 mm) 042195