Dionex Acclaim Trinity Q1 LC Column 液相色谱柱

Dionex Acclaim Trinity Q1 LC Column 液相色谱柱



型号 美国戴安 P/N: 074188

Acclaim Trinity Q1 LC Column

Separation of Diquat and Paraquat

Thermo Scientific? Acclaim? Trinity? Q1 columns are unique, high-efficiency, silica-based columns designed for the separation of the herbicides diquat and paraquat. These quaternary amines are widely used as nonselective contact herbicides. Due to their toxicity, they are monitored in drinking water and wastewater for agricultural exposure. The Acclaim Trinity Q1 columns can quickly and easily separate these compounds. The separation is compatible with mass spectrometry detection, which significantly improves sensitivity for the analytes and provides conformation at the same time.

Column features include:

  • Excellent resolution of diquat and paraquat
  • Good peak shape
  • Fast analysis
  • LC/MS compatibility
  • No ion-pairing reagent needed
  • Ease of use

This new column, based on Nanopolymer Silica Hybrid (NSH) technology, provides multiple retention mechanisms, including reversed-phase, anion-exchange, and cation-exchange. The NSH technology ensures distinctive spatial separation of the anion-exchange and cation-exchange regions, which results in maximum flexibility in method development. The chromatography can be easily optimized by adjusting phase buffer concentration, pH, and solvent content, concurrently or independently. The easy-to-optimize selectivity can be used to accelerate chromatographic separations and increase productivity.

Nano Silica Hybrid (NSH) Chromatographic Features

  • Multiple retention mechanisms, including reversed-phase, anion-exchange, and cation-exchange
  • Adjustable selectivity by phase ionic strength, electrolyte type, pH, and organic solvent
  • Ideal selectivity for simultaneous separation of basic, neutral, and acidic analytes
  • Separation of hydrophilic ionic and ionizable analytes without ion-pairing reagent


Acclaim Trinity Q1 Column –  Specifications
Column chemistry WCX, WAX and RP Mixed-Mode
Base material Spherical, high-purity, porous silica
Particle size 3 μm
Surface area 100 m2/g
Pore size 300 ?
Operating pressure limit 4000 psi
Operating pH range 2.5–7.0
Operating flow rate range 0.3 – 0.90 mL/min for 3.0 mm i.d. formats
0.15–0.45 mL/min for 2.1 mm i.d. formats


Analytical Columns
Acclaim Trinity Q1, 3μm Analytical, (2.1 x 50mm) 083242
Acclaim Trinity Q1, 3μm, Analytical (3.0 x 50mm) 083241
Guard Columns
Acclaim Trinity Q1, 5μm, Guard (2.1 x 10mm) 2 ea; requires holder 069580 083244
Acclaim Trinity Q1, 5μm, Guard (3.0 x 10mm) 2 ea; requires holder 069580 079719
Acclaim SST Guard Cartridge Holder V-2 069580
Acclaim Guard Kit (Holder and coupler) V-2 069707
Guard to Analytical Column Coupler V-2 074188