Dionex IonPac AS23 Column 阴离子交换填充柱

Dionex IonPac AS23 Column 阴离子交换填充柱



型号 美国戴安 P/N: 064147

Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac AS23 Carbonate Eluent Anion-Exchange Column

Precise, Isocratic Analysis of Trace Oxyhalides and the Common Inorganic Anions

The Thermo Scientific? Dionex? IonPac? AS23 carbonate eluent anion-exchange column is specifically designed for trace bromate in drinking water. Its high-capacity and selectivity enables determination of bromate in drinking water at the low μg/L level. The Dionex IonPac AS23 column meets the performance requirements of U.S EPA Methods 300.0 and 300.1. The Dionex IonPac AS23 column is offered in three formats: standard bore (4 × 250 mm), microbore (2 × 250 mm) and capillary (0.4 × 250 mm). The capillary formats is packed with the same material as the equivalent standard bore version (providing the same performance as a 4 mm column), but requires only 1/100th the eluent flow rate. The capillary format provides the advantage of significantly reduced eluent consumption, which helps reduce operating costs.

  • Optimized for isocratic carbonate/bicarbonate eluent
  • Recommended column for trace bromate in drinking water matrices
  • Meets performance requirements specified in U.S. EPA Methods 300.0 and 300.1
  • Ideal alternative for the Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac AS9-HC oxyhalide and inorganic anion applications
  • Simple, accurate eluent preparation with the Dionex IonPac AS23 Eluent Concentrate
  • Optimized for a 30 °C operating temperature to ensure reproducible retention times
  • Compatible with organic solvents to enhance analyte solubility 

The Dionex IonPac AS23 column is designed for the analysis of oxyhalides and the common inorganic anions including fluoride, chlorite, bromate, chloride, nitrite, bromide, chlorate, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate in drinking water, ground water, wastewater, and other diverse sample matrices.

The Dionex IonPac AS23 column is the newest carbonate eluent column recommended for the analysis of oxyhalides including bromate. It can be used in combination with the Eluent Generator and the Electrolytic pH Modifier (EPM) which automatically produces potassium carbonate/bicarbonate eluents from water. The Dionex IonPac AS23 column is an ideal alternative, using carbonate-bicarbonate eluents, for Dionex IonPac AS9-HC applications.

Dionex IonPac AS23 Anion-Exchange Column Specifications
Ion-Exchange Group: Functional Group: Alkanol quaternary ammonium ion
Functional Group Characteristics: Ultralow hydrophobicity
Capacity: 3.2 ?eq (0.4 × 250 mm capillary column)
80 ?eq (2 × 250 mm analytical column)
320 ?eq (4 × 250 mm analytical column)
0.06 ?eq* (0.4 × 50 mm Capillary guard column)
1.5 ?eq* (2 × 50 mm guard column)
6 ?eq* (4 × 50 mm guard column)
*Guards are packed with a low-capacity microporous resin.
Column Construction: PEEK with 10-32 threaded ferrule style end fittings. All components are nonmetallic.
Dimensions: Dionex IonPac AS23 Analytical Column:
2 × 250 mm and 4 × 250 mm
Dionex IonPac AS23 Capillary Column:
0.4  × 250 mm
Dionex IonPac AG23 Guard Column:
2 × 50 mm and 4 × 50 mm
Dionex IonPac AG23 Capillary Guard Column:
0.4  × 50 mm)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi
Phase Compatibility: pH 0–14; 0–100% HPLC solvents
Substrate Characteristics: Bead Diameter and Pore Size:
6.0 ?m (0.4 × 250, 2 × 250 and 4 × 250 mm);
super macroporous resin (2000 ?)
11 ?m (0.4 × 50, 2 × 50 and 4 × 50 mm);
microporous resin (<1 ?)
Cross-linking (%DVB): 55%

Analytical Columns
IonPac AS23 Analytical Column (2 x 250 mm) 064145
IonPac AS23 Analytical Column (4 x 250 mm) 064149
Dionex IonPac AS23 Capillary Column (0.4 × 250 mm) 079782
Guard Columns
IonPac AG23 Guard Column (2 x 50 mm) 064143
IonPac AG23 Guard Column (4 x 50 mm) 064147
Dionex IonPac AG23 Capillary Guard Column (0.4 × 50 mm) 083160
Anion Eluent Concentrates
AS23 Eluent Concentrate (100x), 250 mL 064161