Dionex DNAPac PA200&PA200

Dionex DNAPac PA200&PA200



型号 美国戴安 P/N: 063421

DNAPac PA200 & PA200 RS Nucleic Acid Column

Ultrahigh-Resolution Separations of Oligonucleotides

The Thermo Scientific? DNAPac? PA200 and PA200 RS are strong anion-exchange columns developed to provide unsurpassed high-resolution analysis and purification of synthetic oligonucleotides. Both supports are designed to resolve full length from n–1, n+1, and other failure sequences not possible with other columns. Retention times and selectivity can be controlled by choice of salt, pH, and solvent. Therefore, the separation can be tailored to the requirements of many different oligonucleotide analysis challenges. 

  • Achieve n, n-1 resolution for oligonucleotides.
  • Resolve oligonuleotide linkage and stereoisomers.
  • Assay phosphorothioate purity.
  • Attain selectivity control with eluent pH, salt, and solvent.
  • Resolve RNA with aberrant (2’–5’) links from normal SSRNA.

The DNAPac PA200 is packed with a pellicular anion-exchange resin composed of an 8 μm diameter nonporous polymeric substrate to which quaternary amine-functionalized Thermo Scientific? Dionex? MicroBeads? are bound. The rapid mass transport characteristics of this resin result in high-resolution oligonucleotide separations. 

The DNAPac PA200 RS is smaller, with 4 μm diameter resin for bio-UHPLC separations. These rapid separation (RS) columns are designed for use with the Thermo Scientific? Dionex? UltiMate? 3000 BioRS system, with an operational backpressure limit of 10,000 psi. Columns packed with smaller particles improve resolution and offer better performance.

The DNAPac PA200 and PA 200 RS can be operated under denaturing conditions, such as high temperature (up to 85 °C), high-pH eluents (up to pH 12.5), or by the inclusion of chaotropic agents (such as Urea).

These columns offer the highest-quality phase stability over a broad pH range, deliver exceptional resolution, and support high-throughput separations. DNAPac PA200 and PA 200 RS columns support resolution of normal-length oligonucleotides (8- to 30- mer), extended-length oligonucleotides (30- to 70-mer), linear double-stranded DNA, and supercoiled versus nicked/linear DNA.

Analytical separations on the DNAPac PA200, 8?m, 4 mm diameter column can be scaled directly to larger diameter columns so preparative methods can be conveniently developed using small samples. Scaling the flow rate and sample size up for the 9 × 250 mm and 22 × 250 mm column yields essentially identical chromatography.

Column Specifications
DNAPac PA 200 DNAPac PA 200 RS
Column Chemistry 55% crosslinked nonporous polymer with Quaternary amine functionalized latex MicroBeads
Particle Size 8 ?m 4 ?m
Ion Exchange Capacity ~ 14 ?eq/mL ~ 20 ?eq/mL
pH Range 4 to 10 (12.5 with salt, see manual)
Pressure Maximum 4,000 psi 10,000 psi
Temperature range Recommended operating temperature: Controlled ambient Temperature limit: 85 °C
Flow Rates Recommend 0.1 to 1.5 mL/min
Organic Solvent Limit 100% acetonitrile or methanol for cleaning
Typical Eluents High purity water (18 megohm-cm), sodium chloride, sodium perchlorate, buffers, sodium acetate and sodium hydroxide.
Detergent Compatibility Compatible with nonioinic, cationic or zwitterionic detergents.

Thermo Scientific DNAPac PA200 HPLC (8?m) and DNAPac PA200 RS (Rapid Separation) UHPLC (4?m) columns for high-resolution separations of ssDNA and RNA.

RSLC Analytical Columns
DNAPac PA200 RS, 4?m,Fast Analytical Column (4.6 x 50 mm) 082508
DNAPac PA200 RS, 4?m, Analytical (4.6 x 150 mm) 082509
DNAPac PA200 RS, 4?m,High Resolution Analytical Column (4.6 x 250 mm) 082510
Analytical Columns
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Analytical (2 x 250 mm) 063425
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Analytical Column (4 x 250 mm) 063000
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Analytical (9 x 250 mm) 063421
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Semi-Preparative (22 x 250 mm) SP6734
Guard Columns
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Guard (2 x 50 mm) 063423
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Guard Column (4 x 50 mm) 062998
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Guard (9 x 50 mm) 063419
DNAPac PA200, 8?m, Guard (22 x 50 mm) SP6731