Bio-serv F1259 酒精液体对照饲料说明书

Bio-serv F1259 酒精液体对照饲料说明书

Mixing Directions


英文名称:Rodent Liquid Diet, Lieber-DeCarli ’82


规格:4 Liters/Bag

Directions for Preparing 4 Liters of Diet
1. Add Product# F1259 (885.2 grams/4 Liters) to a blender container.
2. Measure 3400 mL of cold water (4 degrees Celsius) and add to the container.
3. Blend for 20-30 seconds at low speed.
4. Product ready to dispense into the feeding tubes.

283 / 5000


准备 4 升饮食的说明
1. 将产品# F1259(885.2 克/4 升)添加到搅拌器容器中。
2. 量取 3400 毫升冷水(4 摄氏度)并添加到容器中。
3. 低速搅拌 20-30 秒。
4. 准备好分配到进料管中的产品。
Feeding Instructions
It is recommended to feed the liquid diet in liquid diet feeding tubes as standard water sipper bottles can
become clogged with particulates. To fill the liquid diet feeding tubes, place thumb over the feed well and fill
with liquid diet from the top. Maintain thumb on the feed well while screwing cap on securely and invert tube
to release any trapped air bubbles. Place in feeding tube holder in cage.
The prepared diet should be maintained under refrigeration and should be dispensed within 3 days.
The prepared diet should not be kept longer than 48 hours at room temperature to prevent diet deterioration.
If diet has been prepared the previous day, invert bottle several times prior to dispensing to re-suspend
particles, which may have settled.
The average mouse will consume 20-30 mL of liquid diet per day. The average rat will consume 80-100 mL of liquid diet per day. Intake will vary with the size and sex of the animal.
A gradual introduction of the liquid diet is recommended. Introduce the liquid diet in the presence of the
standard solid diet. Over a period of 3-5 days, increase the amount of liquid diet while decreasing the amount
of solid diet to allow the animal to acclimate.
The liquid diet is both a food and water source. A separate water sipper bottle may be provided, but may not
be consumed.
准备好的饮食应冷藏保存,并应在 3 天内分发。
准备好的日粮在室温下保存时间不应超过 48 小时,以防止日粮变质。
如果前一天已经准备好饮食,在分配前将瓶子倒置几​​次以重新悬浮可能已经沉降的颗粒。普通小老鼠每天会消耗 20-30 毫升的流质饮食。平均大老鼠会消耗 80-100 毫升每天流质饮食。摄入量会因动物的大小和性别而异。