MAbPac SEC-1 单克隆抗体分析柱戴安离子色谱柱耗材美国戴安Dionex

MAbPac SEC-1 单克隆抗体分析柱戴安离子色谱柱耗材美国戴安Dionex


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型号 074697

MAbPac SEC-1 单克隆抗体分析柱戴安离子色谱柱耗材美国戴安Dionex

MAbPac SEC– 1 for Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Analysis

MAbPac? SEC-1 is a size exclusion chromatography (SEC) column designed for monoclonal antibody (MAb) analysis, including monomers, aggregates, and fragments, under non-denaturing conditions, and in both high- and low-salt phases and volatile eluents.

? Proprietary hydrophilic bonded layer results in minimal non-desired interactions between the biomolecules and the stationary phase.
? Nonmetallic and Biocompatible PEEK? housing eliminates metal contamination from the column hardware.
? Stable surface bonding leads to low column bleed and compatibility with MS, ELSD and Corona? CAD detection.
? Rugged, reproducible column.
? Superior performance for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies, even at low salt concentrations.

SEC is frequently used because of its simple operating principle and features not found in other separation techniques including separating aggregates that are not easily distinguished by other chromatographic means. MAbs produced from mammalian cell culture may contain significant amounts of dimers and higher-order aggregates. The MAbPac SEC-10 is a high-resolution SEC column that is suitable for use with a wide range of biomolecules, including monoclonal antibodies and their aggregates.  

MAbPac? SEC-1 Monoclonal Antibody Analysis Column Specifications
Column Dimension

4 × 300 mm, 4 × 50 mm, PEEK? housing

7.8 x 300mm, 2.1 x 300mm, 2.1 x 150mm SST housing

Particle Size 5 μm
Bonding Chemistry Proprietary diol
Silica Substrate Spherical, high-purity porous silica
Pore size 300 ?
Flow Rate Range:

0.76 to 1.0 mL/min: 7.8 mm ID columns

0.2 to 0.3 mL/min:  4.0 mm ID columns

0.05 to 0.075 mL/min: 2.1mm ID columns

Pressure Limit

< 1,000 psi:  7.8 mm x 300 mm

< 600 psi: 4.0 x 150 mm

<200 psi: 4.0 x 50 mm

<1,000 psi: 2.1 x 300 mm

< 600 psi: 2.1 x 150 mm

Temperature Range: Ambient to 25 ?C
pH Range 2.2–7.5
Typical buffers:

50 mM phosphate buffer (pH 6.8) + 0.3 M NaCl, 

PBS and other commonly used buffers

Solvent Compatibility: Compatible with 100% organic solvents
Separation range for globular proteins 10,000–1,000,000
Exclusion limit for globular proteins >1,000,000
Detergent Compatibility

Compatible with 0.1% SDS (though binding will be irreversible and

it is recommended that the column be dedicated to this application)

The MAbPac SEC-1 column is based on high-purity, spherical, porous (300 ?), 5 μm silica particles covalently modified with a proprietary diol hydrophilic layer. The column is packed into nonmetallic, biocompatible, PEEK column housing to eliminate compromised chromatographic due to metal from the column hardware.

Analytical Columns
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm 300 ?, analytical column (7.8 x 300mm) 088460
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm, 300?, analytical column PEEK (4.0 x 300mm) 074696
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm, 300?, analytical column PEEK (4.0 x 150mm) 075592
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm 300 ?, analytical column (2.1 x 300mm) SP6937
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm 300 ?, analytical column (2.1 x 150mm) SP6938
Guard Columns
MAbPac SEC-1, 5μm, 300?, guard column PEEK (4.0 x 50mm) 074697

MAbPac SEC-1 单克隆抗体分析柱戴安离子色谱柱耗材美国戴安Dionex,