IonPac TCC-LP1 低压痕量阳离子浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex

IonPac TCC-LP1 低压痕量阳离子浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex


IonPac TCC-LP1 低压痕量阳离子浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex,上海金畔生物科技有限公司主要的代理产品品牌有:美国PE、美国戴安Dionex、德国DURANDURAN、美国哈希Hach、美国沃特世Waters、美国安捷伦Agilent、德国贺利氏Heraeus、美国奥立龙Orion等。

型号 046027

IonPac TCC-LP1 低压痕量阳离子浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex

IonPac TCC-LP1 Low-Pressure Trace Cation Concentrator Column  Specifications
Dimensions 4 × 35 mm
phase compatibility Monovalent eluents (sulfuric acid, methanesulfonic acid, or hydrochloric acid).
0–100% HPLC solvents.
Substrate characteristics Bead Diameter: 20 μm
Cross-Linking (%DVB): 55%
Functional group characteristics Ion-Exchange Group: Fully functionalized with carboxylic acid
Hydrophobicity: Very Low
Capacity 260 μeq (4 × 35 mm concentrator column)

Note: Rated for use with 4-mm cation-exchange columns. Use 2-mm guard columns as concentrator columns for 2-mm chromatography if low void volume is required.

Void volume 145 μL

IonPac TCC-LP1 Low Pressure Cation Concentrator 046027

IonPac TCC-LP1 低压痕量阳离子浓缩柱戴安离子色谱柱美国戴安Dionex,